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We have a House

We are pleased to reveal we have a house to resettle a refugee family in. A local landlord has kindly agreed the rental of a three bedroom property in Pateley Bridge for a minimum period of two years.

The application uprating our ‘approval in principle’ to final approval has been sent to the Home Office, which it is anticipated will be shortly granted, with a view to a family being welcomed into the Dale in early summer.

We will keep with our original intentions of welcoming a Syrian family, many from Syria are still in camps in the Middle East whilst the conflict in their country continues. Whilst we have every sympathy with those from other countries displaced by war, Afghanistan and Ukraine who we hold in our thoughts and prayers, we believe the support we can offer best suits a vulnerable family from Syria.

NCW will be assisting our family to sign up for all the allowances they will be eligible for as part of our national response and commitment to those displaced by conflict. Many refugees are keen to be a valuable part of the community they move into, and to integrate as soon as they are able, but also wish to be able to return home as soon as conditions allow.

In addition NCW working in conjunction with Ripon and Harrogate groups will be helping the family to learn English so they can become self-sufficient and participate in the life of the dale. Courses will be run both locally and in nearby towns.

If you would like to get involved in this project to help a family assimilate into our community your involvement would be welcomed. We would welcome support with:

  • ESOL courses, and general conversational assistance Befriending the family once they have arrived, and helping them discover the area

  • Help with setting up the property, moving furniture, and van owners to transport items

  • Future plans may include purchasing a second property through a local investment scheme.

Do contact us if you are able to offer any assistance welcoming a vulnerable family to Nidderdale. You can find us on Facebook at Nidderdale Community Welcome, or email us at

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