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New life 

New Hope

New Beginnings

Nidderdale Community Welcome wants to welcome a vulnerable refugee family, into our community where they can make a new start.

We are applying for approval to bring a family fleeing conflict and in need of protection, into the Dale, under the government Community Sponsorship scheme.

Will you help us?




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Community Sponsorship Scheme

The UK Government’s Community Sponsorship Scheme allows ordinary people to welcome a refugee family and support them to settle in and start a new life. Local groups work together to harness the skills, knowledge, and generosity of their community to make the application and all the arrangements both before and after the family arrive. Community sponsorship support continues for 1-2 years until the family are able to be fully self sufficient but the benefits and rewards for everyone involved can last a lifetime.


Our role in Nidderdale

We are working with a national charity and with the support of the community and church groups to put together an application to bring a family to our beautiful and safe dale. We need to raise money and enthusiasm for this project and get as many people involved as possible.

We also hope to link with other groups across the region with resources and experience of the process so we can all work together.


How to get involved

Through community sponsorship, a community group supports the empowerment of refugee families to become self-sufficient members of their new community by:

  • Meeting the family at the airport

  • Finding suitable housing (the families receive housing allowances)

  • Finding English language classes and practising English with the family

  • Registering children in schools

  • Helping them find a job

  • Making sure the family can access suitable medical and social services

  • Helping them acclimatise and understand British culture

  • Offering friendship and advice as they settle into their new lives

Community volunteers take on the responsibility that would normally fall to local authorities and professional charities by welcoming a refugee family and supporting them to adapt to life in the UK. This is a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Being a community sponsor harnesses the generosity of local people, creating new bonds and friendships. It breaks down barriers and offers critical support to refugees at an extremely vulnerable point in their lives. All of the refugee families would have experienced immense hardship and heartache. Community sponsorship is a rewarding opportunity for people across the country to make a real difference to people’s lives.

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